Why Your Wedding Deserves a Professional DJ

It’s not uncommon, as technology grows and changes, for weddings to make use of an iPod and a curated playlist to provide music at the reception. This can be one way to cut some costs, but it’s not the right one to make. You want your friends and family to have a great time at your party, which means cutting the entertainment budget is risky. We’ll look at why a professional DJ is worth the money.

True Experience

When you choose to hire a professional DJ as your wedding entertainment in New Jersey, you get more than just some great beats for your guests to dance to. The DJ will be able to act as MC for the reception. That means you can have announcements at important points, such as when it’s time to cut the cake. A DJ is already comfortable and confident in front of a crowd, which can really amp up the entertainment and make the evening flow.

Proper Equipment

DJs who do their thing on a professional basis are going to have the equipment you need. While you may not know which speakers are going to fill the room, without being overbearing, the DJ will. They’ll also have mics and backups if something is to go wrong. The last thing anyone wants is for their wedding entertainment in New Jersey to failing in the middle of the fun. A DJ will prevent that with their knowledge and professional equipment.

Playlist Building

Some people feel like an iPod playlist is the better option because every song is handpicked. That’s true, but if you don’t understand musical pacing, you can cause more problems than it’s worth. Your DJ will know what music is appropriate for which moment. They can also move from one song to another if something changes that would work better with another tune.

Extra Insurance

It’s important to have insurance, especially if you’re doing the wedding entertainment in New Jersey all on your own. If something happens and someone trips over a wire or a speaker gets toppled, and someone is hurt, you have to handle the consequences. With a professional DJ, they will have liability insurance that takes care of any problems that might crop up like this. It’s one less thing to worry about on the most special day of your life.

Thinking about hiring a DJ for your wedding reception? Visit us at Limelight Entertainment to learn what we can do for you. You can find us at www.LimelightEntertainmentNJ.com.

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