Why You Should Consider Eyelash Extensions in Philadelphia

Are you trying to learn more about eyelash extensions in Philadelphia so you can find out if they might work for you? This article is a “must read” for you, if so! Most people have tried at least one or two methods of getting longer eyelashes. The most common is the old standby, mascara, and while it can certainly make a difference, so far there is just no mascara that is a true miracle worker. Even the newer “fiber” mascaras, which do help build up the lashes somewhat, still fall far short of the long lashed look that most women strive for today.

Another method that many people have tried is false lashes. False lashes can be a good way to give yourself a temporary boost in lash length and thickness, but unfortunately most false lashes have to be removed after one use. Sleeping in “falsies” is a horrible idea since the least bit of movement as you sleep can ruin the lashes. Applying false lashes takes some time, and it definitely takes plenty of practice. You need to use a lash glue that can be pretty difficult to work with, and can be extremely painful if it gets in your eyes. Many women decide that while false lashes can look great for the occasional night out, they are way too much trouble to wear on a daily basis.

Those who are seeking a more long term solution are starting to turn to eyelash extensions in Philadelphia Eyelash extensions are similar to hair extensions in some ways, most notably in that they are actually a part of your eyelashes once they are placed on. You don’t have to take these extensions off every night, and you can treat them much the same as you do your normal lashes. If you use mascara, you’ll only need a small amount on the very ends, though. Every one of your lashes will have its own extension, and over time (the regular cycle of eyelash growth) it will eventually fall out. Most extensions last a long time: Six to eight weeks is common. If you want that long luxurious lashed look with minimal trouble, this might be right for you!

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