Why You Should Book Helicopter Tours in New York

Almost every large city offers helicopter tours, but New York, the Big Apple, is unlike anything else you have ever seen. There are many great sights and spots available to see, but it is in the hustle and bustle of the crowds and the beautiful skyscrapers. Hollywood has celebrities and sun, but New York has everything a big city should have. Experience them with tours in a helicopter for an even greater experience.


Fun is one of the biggest reasons for going on vacation and helicopter tours are a type of fun that many never get to experience. It is becoming more popular to tour the city using a helicopter, but many people don’t consider the rush and excitement they will get, along with the fun.


Whether you choose to view Central Park from high above or want to see the famous bridges, you will get a magnificent view that can’t be beat. The New York City skyline is amazing and you can’t quite capture it any other way than in a helicopter. Crossing over the bridge by vehicle will give you slight glimpses, but you can’t beat the excellent view from above. If you have ever flown in a private jet, you may think a helicopter wouldn’t be much different, but it is! Words cannot describe the feeling and the way you see things, along with the way you move while riding inside.

Central Park

If you love the outdoors and nature, you should go for a different approach. It is awe-inspiring to see a perfect rectangle of bright green from high above the ground. It is truly unexpected in a big city, but you will experience it. There is such a contrast between the cement and the greenness, along with the glass and steel all around.

Statue of Liberty/Ellis Island

Many people prefer to view the Statue of Liberty from a helicopter, as well because it is utterly breathtaking to see the Statue from that high up. However, many people also believe it is worth going to the actual Statue itself, so you may want to include that in your itinerary, as well.

Most people have never seen the Statue of Liberty, other than in pictures. It is one of the most inspiring and jaw-dropping things you will ever see in your lifetime as you can truly feel the history resonating.


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