Why You Need Winter Lawn Care Services in Alpharetta

Grass is dormant in the winter, unless you live in an area where ryegrass can be overseeded so it stays green in the winter. If you live in Alpharetta, the winter may be long and harsh or it may be mild. Whichever way winter chooses to go, professional lawn care services in Alpharetta can keep your yard healthy all winter long. What can the pros do during the coldest months? Here are some ways they can prepare your yard for a great summer ahead.

Fertilizing in Winter

Fertilizer is placed on the ground using a spreader. Professional lawn care services know how to adjust the amount of fertilizer for your yard type. Over-fertilizing can actually damage the grass. Professionals apply the recommended amount to ensure your yard is getting the nutrients it needs during its dormant season.

Aerating the Lawn

When the yard is aerated, the grassroots get extra air. A lawn care professional will strategically remove little spikes of soil across the yard. This makes holes to use for planting more grass seeds. This can be a huge task if you have a large lawn. The pros have motorized aerators to make the job go smoothly.

Spreading Cool-Weather Grass Seeds

Some grasses are specifically bred for cooler seasons. Most fescues are such. Lawn care services in Alpharetta will sprinkle the seeds over the lawn evenly. When done properly by the pros, there won’t be any big clumps of grass later on.

Do you want a professional to provide winter lawn care services in Alpharetta so it’s ready for spring? Visit the Absolute Lawn Pros website for more information.

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