Why You Need An Employment Lawyer in San Diego

Many may not be aware that San Diego is the second largest city in all of California. It’s easy not to realize this with the way the community is spread out and there are so many thoroughfares throughout the area. San Diego is also the legal seat of San Diego County and therefor all legal matters are handled in a San Diego County Court, which includes matters pertaining to employment law. One wouldn’t go to court without legal representation, so why even consider for a moment entering into a legally binding contract and escrow arrangement, which is actually what you’re salary is, on potentially the largest investment in your daily life without the proper legal counsel to protect your interests? Is there anything more valuable than your every working hour each and every day of the week? Is it not the biggest commitment of your time that you fulfill each day, week after week, month after month, and potentially year after year?

No one plans to be forced to take their skills off the market for a year or two all without some guarantee of advancement, betterment, and job security, yet without an employment agreement you do just that, and the larger the corporation or stronger the company is in its marketplace the less security you have as you can be black balled in an industry by such a giant. This is why you need protection in writing. If all parties agree than why not agree in writing? Your employment lawyer in San Diego can see that your rights as a valued contributing employee are well protected.

Unfortunately this situation is even more prevalent with small and mid-sized independently owned business. Most employers know the job market is tough and certainly in today’s economy favors the employer. With so many well educated and experienced people relocating to the area all the time and adding to an already swelling list of applicants employers are easily able to get new hires to come aboard with little more than an hand shake, a promise of a temporary position as an “at will” employee. This simply stated means you are at the company’s mercy, and they can dismiss you without compensation, or warning at any time, for any reason. You wouldn’t enter into any other arrangement that way, why then do you commit yourself to a company who isn’t willing to at least make a fair commitment in writing to you laying out the rules of fair play? This is just what consulting with an employment lawyer in San Diego can do for you, and it doesn’t need to be confrontational at all. Simply letting your potential employer know that you’ll need your employment lawyer to look over your formal employment contract lets them know you’re an intelligent hire who is willing to commit to them in writing what you intend to provide them each day.



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