Why You Need a DUI Attorney in Mount Vernon WA

If you get arrested for driving under the influence (DUI), you need a lawyer. There should be no hesitation in getting legal representative for this criminal offense whether you are innocent or guilty. No one, not even a lawyer, should defend themselves in any criminal case. The average person does not have a law degree and even if you do, you are too close to the situation to defend yourself. It’s one thing when this is happening to someone else, but quite another when it’s happening to you. Emotions get in the way of a proper defense. The following will address the main reasons you need a DUI Attorney in Mount Vernon, WA to represent you.

Knowledge of the Law

There are little ins and outs of criminal law, and especially in DUI offenses that you are not likely to know about, but a lawyer will. This knowledge helps your lawyer build a defense strategy that will help you in court. They know when to take an offer to plea and when to fight back in court. If you are personally involved, you are likely to fight and not know when it’s best to take a plea.

Quality Representation

When it comes to fighting for your rights, lawyers know what that entails and how to provide you with a good and viable defense. Their knowledge of the law along with their familiarity of the process is beneficial to your case. The most important thing you can do for your DUI Attorney in Mount Vernon, WA is to be completely honest and forthcoming with him or her. Whatever you tell them is confidential, so there is no reason not to tell the truth. They need to know everything so there are no surprises and so they can create a good defense strategy.

Lawyers are unbiased, qualified, legal representatives that can help reduce the charges, reduce your sentence, or keep you from having a criminal record at all. If you or someone you love has been arrested on a DUI offense, it is time to consult with an attorney to get the help you need. The Howson Law Office provides quality representation in DUI and other criminal law cases.

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