Why You Can Expect a High-Quality Connection When You Invest In DSL Services in Redmond

DSL (which is an acronym for Digital Subscriber Line) is a type of technology that allows your business or home to run on a digital high-speed connection. In recent times, business owners who have high demands for constant connectivity have come to rely on DSL connections because they provide constant connectivity an easy way to integrate Internet and phone service. If you’re still a dial-up customer, check out these four major benefits that your home or business can experience with a DSL connection.

1. DSL service is known for being a very affordable option for both home and business owners. This is because it allows you to have the high-speed Internet connection that you need without having to worry about paying the higher costs for dedicated services. Furthermore, DSL service is often billed at a flat rate, so there’s no possibility of overage charges on your next bill.

2. One of the best benefits of having DSL service is that it’s always on when you need it. Fortunately, this makes your workday much more productive since you don’t have to wait for dial-up Internet to connect to the server so that you can get online. Though some experts believe that this brings about problems with security, these can often be fixed with a simple firewall installation.

3. Digital Subscriber Line technology provides much speedier service than some other connection types. Because it uses a digital modem, DSL internet service is able to deliver download and connection speeds that are up to one-hundred times faster than dial-up.

4. A DSL connection allows users to talk on the phone and use the internet at the same time. Those who operate on a dial-up connection know the frustration of having to disconnect from the internet in order to use the phone or having to pay for a second phone line in order to use both services at once. A splitter is able to take care of this problem as it sends voice signals to the lower frequencies on your phone line while your data signals access those unused higher frequencies.

When you’re ready to enhance your business’ connectivity with DSL Services in Redmond, give ISOMEDIA a call. You’ll be able to speak with a specialist about your business’ specific needs and decide on a personalized plan to make sure that you and your employees are always connected.


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