Why There Is a Growing Demand for Custom Pet Monuments in CT

A recent Humane Society report shows that 67 million U.S. households include one or more pets. Domesticating animals of all kinds has become common because pets offer so much and demand so little. Owners often grieve for a long time after they lose an animal companion and search for ways to pay tribute to them. That is one reason why many Pet Monuments in CT. are created by the same craftsmen who design human memorials. Custom gravestones mark the passing of valuable family members and ensure that they are remembered.

Pets Are Critical Parts of Owners’ Lives

Animal owners often order Pet Monuments in CT so that they can pay homage to furry friends that were critical to their well-being. Pets provide companionship during lonely times. Their antics can make owners laugh when they are feeling their worst. There is evidence that just stroking dogs and cats can lower blood pressure. Owners bond with their animals, so it becomes very difficult for them to just order the vet to dispose of deceased pets via communal cremation. Pet owners often feel that their loyal animal companions deserve to be memorialized with dignity and respect.

Animal Monuments Are Important Traditions

Many families consist of animal lovers with a history of caring for and paying tribute to their pets. Parents may feel that this is an important step toward teaching their children to value all life. While many choose simple home-made memorials, a growing number reach out to monument specialists at sites like shelleybrothersmonumentsct.com. Their websites usually include a “learn more about us” section that makes it easy for clients to contact professionals about designing unique pet memorials.

Monument Specialists Will Create Beautiful Custom Memorials

Professionals who create gravestones are very sensitive to their customer’s feelings and wishes. They understand that many of their clients suffer long-lasting grief after losing a pet, so designers are careful to help them create meaningful tributes. Professionals can add any words, emblems or carvings that clients wish.

Pets are often considered family members that deserve dignified memorials when they die. In many cases owners commission stone monuments that pay tribute to loyal and loving animal companions. Monument specialists understand their clients’ grief over the loss of their pets and strive to create elegant memorials that reflect those feelings.

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