Why Some People Prefer Environmentally-Friendly Burials

The common view is that cemeteries are the final resting place for our deceased loved ones. This is certainly a widespread view of what happens at the end of our lives, but if you ask anyone who actually works at a cemetery, they will likely see the place very differently. In some ways, cemeteries resemble a landfill for our dead. This is an unpopular and certainly less magical view, but from a certain perspective it makes perfect sense.

Respecting Our Deceased

The central issue is that every burial takes up valuable land space. Not only this, but the traditional embalming process means that bodies are pumped full of toxic chemicals and the bodies buried in coffins that commonly include metals and other materials. From an environmental perspective, this is not a good situation. So, how can we respect our deceased and provide environmentally-friendly burials?

A Better Way to Bury

Many funeral homes now offer environmentally-friendly burials. As this concept has become more popular, many people are now rethinking the way that we treat our final resting place, and are questioning older embalming practices and burial rituals. But what might such a burial be like?

The biggest issue with traditional burials is the toxicity of the embalming fluid and the fact that metals from the coffin are entering the soil. In an environmentally-friendly burial, the traditional embalming fluid can actually be replaced by far less-toxic substances, such as essential oils. The casket or coffin itself can be replaced by a simple biodegradable box that breaks down quickly and leaves no environmental footprint in the long run.

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