Why Seeing a Dentist in Dix Hills is Important

Aging not only affects our physical appearance, but also our oral health. No need to be an old man or woman before noticing the changes. An adult of 40 years will begin to notice a number of changes, including dental problems, due to aging of the tissues. The mouth is no longer the same as when you were 20. A Dentist in Dix Hills can help you maintain your oral health before problems get serious.

Here are some of the problems you may start noticing when you age:

* Changes in the shape of teeth

* Dental cusps begin to wear out and flatten, eventually reaching even. This is where you start to lose enamel. Worn contact points can become almost superficial.

* Changes in the gums

* Suffer a thinning of the epithelium and a slight decline in gingival can expose the dental neck.

* Color changes in the teeth

* The enamel becomes more translucent, making the innermost dentin appear a more intense color.

* Changes in teeth surface

* The ridges are less pronounced, the surface is less smooth and the first cracks appear, eventually causing death of the tooth.

* Changes due to tooth loss

* Losing teeth involves profound changes in the physiognomy, all of which go far beyond difficulty chewing. Changes consist of the mouth losing its shape,

becoming straighter than before; pockets forming on the sides of the face; new cracks and fissures form in the corners of the mouth; lips become thinner and flat; and the chin changes shape, becoming more pointed. Cavities are also a huge issue.

What is a cavity?

Tooth decay is a disease characterized by softening, which is caused by dental hard tissues and the progressive irreversible destruction of the tooth. Untreated tooth decay can affect the inner surface of the tooth as well. To control cavities, regular visits to the dentist are vital. Detailed scans can detect symptoms such as stains, chalky white spots (areas where there is no glaze) or brown pigmentation. Since this phase can begin to be felt by some sensitivity to certain foods, especially sweets, and hot or cold drinks, it is important to see your Dentist in Dix Hills immediately. Visit website for more information.


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