Why Property Managers Push for Curb Appeal

In the real estate business, curb appeal can dramatically enhance the look and feel of a home.  Many individuals looking for a home often judge it by the way it looks on the outside, as this is the first thing they see as they pull up to the curb.  When you are renting out a home, paying close attention to curb appeal can help attract tenants and allow you to price your property competitively.  If you have hired property managers, Medford property management companies will help ensure your home is presented in optimum condition to prospects.

First Impression
There is no denying that a home’s interior is extremely important; however, most people judge a home by its exterior first.  Your property’s exterior should be neat and aesthetically pleasing, while it should demonstrate a pride of ownership.  Eliminate any clutter from around the property to give it a spacious and clean feel.  Landscaping can also attract the eye and beautify a property.

Safety Concerns
Safety is a major factor for many home-hunters, especially if they have children.  Lack of outdoor lighting, cracked or unreliable windows, and overgrown shrubbery can be a deal breaker for some prospects.  It is important to realize the need for security and comfort, both inside and outside.  These upgrades also help your rental property stand out among the competition.

Maximum Rates
If you want to obtain a fair market value for your rental properties, they have to be up to par, or prospects will not be interested.  Even small upgrades to your property can make a huge difference.  Cut grass, trimmed weeds, and planted flowers are just a few of the affordable exterior upgrades suggested by many property managers.  Medford property investors may also decide to spruce up a porch with a new coat of paint, replace a broken railing, or upgrade the exterior door with one that is cheerful and inviting.

RPM Charles River aims to maximize your monthly rental revenues and find only the best tenants for your real estate properties.  They offer a selection of property management services, including advanced marketing and advertising strategies.


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