Why Prompt Repair and Elevator Maintenance in Washington DC Are Crucial

Elevator Maintenance in Washington, DC is crucial for making sure the equipment is safe for everyone who uses it. Accidents involving elevators are relatively uncommon considering the frequency with which the lifts are used. Nevertheless, problems can occur when maintenance has not been performed as it should be. Even worse, when building managers delay taking action after being alerted to a problem that has developed, serious incidents can happen.

An Example of a Problem

Elevators serve the most able-bodied individuals as well as those who have some level of disability. A lift that is stopping an inch or more under or above the outside floor can cause a fully able person to trip and fall. The situation is worse for those who are more vulnerable.

Elevator Maintenance in Washington, DC could prevent this type of malfunction. A prompt call for service and a notice placed next to the elevator further prevent injury. Ideally, the elevator should be taken out of service until repair workers fix the problem.

The Most Vulnerable

Elderly men and women, people with vision problems, and those with disorders causing a certain level of weakness or coordination issues are at risk of a serious accident under these circumstances. Someone in a wheelchair may need to back out of the door and will not see that the floor of the elevator is not level with the outside floor. If the bottom of the lift is above the exterior floor, trying to exit can cause the chair to tip over backward.

A Lawsuit Waiting to Happen

Building owners are subject to lawsuits when people are injured because of faulty elevator function. If they believe this would never happen to them, they only need to look around online for records of the court cases. Judges and juries do not take kindly to innocent people being injured due to negligence on the part of building owners, and court awards can be substantial.

A better move is to schedule maintenance with a company such as Elevator Technologies Inc. as recommended. Reports of odd noises or unusual elevator movements should be investigated immediately. Anyone who needs assistance may visit the website to get started.

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