Why Land Surveying in Gulfport, MS is Important

In Gulfport, Mississippi, you will find that the land comes in all shapes and sizes. You can purchase small parcels of land, land with a lot of trees, land with a lot of rocks and so on. While no two pieces of property is exactly alike, one thing that you’ll find every parcel has in common in Gulfport is that there is no such thing as a perfectly even piece of land. If you’re planning on building something on a piece of property in Gulfport, then you’ll need to invest in Land surveying in Gulfport, MS first.

There are a couple of reasons why hiring a surveyor is so important. Firstly, it’s a requirement of the state. You aren’t allowed to develop a piece of property until it’s been surveyed. A surveyor can tell the state if your in danger of hitting any gas lines, underground power lines, water lines and so on. Their assessment of your property will go on file and will able to be viewed publicly as well.

The second benefit of hiring a surveyor is that he or she can tell you exactly what you can expect during property development. As mentioned above, there’s no such thing as a level piece of land, even if it looks level. As such, if you plan on building something on your property, you need to know where ever dip and bump is on your property. This will ensure that you level the land properly to provide the right foundation for the building that you want to erect. If there’s a potential that the property is unstable, you’ll learn that from the surveyor as well.

If you’re in need of Land surveying in Gulfport, MS, then you want to ensure that you hire the right company for the job. To do this, make your first stop ONeal-Bond Engineering. Their fully licensed and bonded engineers can survey your property and ensure that you can build what you want to on your property. Additionally, the staff can answer any of your questions about your legal requirements in terms of property development and even help you with other projects, such as waste water disposal, environmental impacts and more.

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