Why it is Smart to Deal With Professionals Who Specialize in Computer Sales in Alsip, IL

Today computer buyers are flooded with dozens of ads from big chain stores, displaying sales on computers and accessories. Many of them seem like terrific bargains. However, truly savvy shoppers know that it is smarter to deal with professionals who specialize in computer sales in Alsip, IL. Experts, such as BLH Computers, provide benefits that include:

  • AFFORDABLE DESKTOPS: BLH Computers carries a range of very affordable reconditioned desktop computers. Every machine includes a monitor, keyboard, and mouse. In addition, they come with a Windows operating system, and all current updates. Technicians ensure that every computer has freshly installed antivirus and office productivity software, at no additional charge. Customers can find HP, Dell, IBM/Lenovo, and Gateway products at prices between $100 and $350. The computers are guaranteed, and if a system doesn’t work well, technicians will fix it, without charge.
  • BUDGET LAPTOPS: Professionals can also show buyers a variety of affordable refurbished laptops, including all popular brands. Each notebook comes with an office productivity suite, antivirus software, and disc burning software. Laptops are guaranteed, and prices range from $175 – $400.
  • MONITORS: Shoppers who are searching for a quality monitor can find them at BLH, ranging in sizes from 15″ to 20″, depending on availability. All are tested, and include a 90-day warranty.
  • ACCESSORIES: Customers who need accessories for their computers will also find a selection of mice, keyboards, video cables, power cables, graphic cards, and more.
  • REPAIRS: In addition to computer sales in Alsip, IL, experts such as BLH Computers, Inc. also provide a complete repair service. Technicians can resolve the dreaded, “blue screen of death”, remove viruses and spyware, and diagnose a hard drive failure. In addition, they will troubleshoot video and sound issues, as well as connectivity problems. Professionals can update drivers and bring computers up to optimal performance. They also provide repairs for laptop screens, smart phones, tablets, and much more.

Smart computer owners have discovered the advantages of consulting computer specialists when they want to find affordable computers. They know that these professionals offer quality reconditioned machines, and provide parts and repair services for a wide range of technology.

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