Why it is Critical to Have Proper Septic Tank Maintenance

The average repair to replace a home’s septic tank system can range anywhere from $3000 to $7000. In order to avoid having to pay for such costly repairs, it is necessary to schedule routine Septic Tank Maintenance throughout the year.

The size of the household, total wastewater accumulated and how large the septic tank is, determines how often the system will need to be serviced. It is recommended the septic system is inspected and pumped annually to prevent solid-waste from accumulating, as well as to ensure the system runs as efficiently as possible. Listed below are helpful tips for effectively maintaining the system.

Pumping. As discussed above it is important to discuss with a service technician about how frequently the system needs to be pumped to prevent solid waste from accumulating.

High-Pressure Water Jetting. Water jetting the system drain pipes with a high amount of pressure is recommended to perform every five years to eliminate any debris that may build within the piping.

Bacteria Additive. Applying bacteria additives will keep the system functioning as it should when unnatural substances such as soap enter into the system.

Filter Installation. Be sure to inform the technician should the system not have a filter, as they are responsible for preventing solids from entering into the drainfield. Clean the filter every time the system needs servicing.

Health Risks

Following is a list of health risks that may arise from lack of maintaining the septic system properly.

Poorly maintained systems allow for mold spores to enter into the home. Those who suffer from asthma and mold allergies are more likely to have frequent and more severe flare-ups than they would in a healthy environment.

Exposure to fumes from the various gasses that develop such as methane and sulfide can begin to seep into the home if not pumped often. Methane gas is extremely toxic to humans and pets, while prolonged exposure to sulfide gasses can lead to mouth, nose and throat irritation.

Pathogens within the wastewater such as bacteria and viruses, spread at a rapid pace when not contained properly. This can be dangerous for the home’s and the surrounding areas, drinking water.

Act Quickly

Septic Tank Maintenance is vital for every homeowner to perform regularly to prevent system failure. Should an incident occur, contact the local health department and a professional company such as Texas Pride Septic immediately to prevent additional damages. You can also connect with them on Twitter.

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