Why is roof flashing necessary?

The roof on your house really only has one practical purpose and that is to keep the weather out of your house. Of all the elements, water is probably the most difficult of all to keep at bay. In the case of a roof, roof flashing is the first and last line of defense against leaks at the seams and joints of your roof. Flashing is usually a soft metal used in the installation of roofing in Fort Collins CO; it is placed over areas in the roof that change direction and other joints. A good example of where flashing is used is on the ridge where the roof changes its slope.

The experts who perform installation and repair of roofing in Fort Collins CO have known about flashing for years. It is a simple solution to what could be a major problem. Long before the advent of galvanized steel and aluminum, flashing was made from thin lead sheets and in some cases it still is used. The whole issue is nothing more than an appreciation of what gravity does to a liquid, in this case rain water. If the flashing is installed where it should be installed, water from the roof is directed to where the flashing is where it is sent harmlessly into the gutter and eventually into the storm drain. Flashing is used around roof vents, chimneys exhaust fan vents and anything else that protrudes through the roof surface.

Although flashing in most cases cannot even be seen, it is a very important element in providing longevity to the roof. The flashing material must be very durable, resistant to the weather, no maintenance and flexible to accommodate movement. It may be thought that a roof is a stable component of the house but it moves constantly as it expands and contracts with changes in temperature. The temperature on the roof surface in the middle of summer can reach 150 degrees F and at night this crashes. Without flexibility the roof would not last long.

The companies who do roofing in Fort Collins CO must take particular care when they are installing the flashing for a new roof. The roofers cut and shape each piece to fit perfectly. Rarely is a material used that can rust but if it is, it must be properly primed and protected as replacing flashing can be tricky.

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