Why Invisalign Braces in Annapolis Might Be A Viable Option

If you’re like so many other people, you’re concerned about the look and health of your teeth. Some people are lucky enough to be born with teeth that are naturally straight and healthy. However, most people suffer from teeth that are crooked and crowded. Unfortunately, the majority of these people have to spend much of their lives with teeth that they don’t feel are “beautiful”. Thankfully, Invisalign in Annapolis Maryland is here to help many of these people.

You’ve probably heard of Invisalign before. It’s often seen in ads on television, the Internet, and in newspapers and magazines. Invisalign is an improved and alternative form of braces. Traditional braces are very unattractive and uncomfortable. They’re usually made up of metal wiring and brackets that are attached to your teeth. The wiring is meant to gradually move and straighten crooked and crowded teeth. However, they’re very noticeable and can often hurt the inside of your mouth.

Invisalign is much more comfortable and discrete. Patients are equipped with sturdy and clear plastic braces that fit over their teeth. Each plastic brace is shaped to fit perfecting over the teeth. Unlike metal braces that are only adjusted occasionally, Invisalign braces are adjusted very often. Dentists will have a number of plastic braces that a patient must use. Each set of braces is slightly different than the one before it. This allows the teeth to gradually shift and straighten over time.

Invisalign in Annapolis has a number of benefits for patients who use them. For starter, they’re much less noticeable and discrete compared to metal braces. They’re also much more comfortable. Unlike metal braces, these braces can be removed when necessary. Dentists typically instruct patients to remove the Invisalign braces only when they eat and brush their teeth. After that the braces should be cleaned and placed back in the patient’s mouth.

If you’re interested in improving your smile, you should consider talking with your dentist about Invisalign. The Annapolis Dental Associates has dental professionals who would be happy to consult with you about your decision. Depending on the condition of your teeth, you can expect to have a more improved smile in a couple of years.

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