Why Homeowners Should Consider Installing Decks in Brookfield, WI

It may be hard to remember during those cold winter months, but there is nothing like spending a few hours outside enjoying the sun and the great outdoors to increase a homeowner’s appreciation of their hard-earned property. There is also no better place to do this than on newly constructed deck. Below is a short review of just a few of the reasons homeowners may want to consider the addition of decks in Brookfield WI to existing homes or making plans to include them in new construction projects.

Improved Use of Outdoor Space

Adding a deck to a home comes with many of the benefits of an addition at only a fraction of the cost. Homeowners and their families can spend time outside without the hassle of dirt and bugs, and offer a place for guests to relax during the hot summer months. The addition of outdoor bars or barbecue grills can turn a deck into the ideal setting for social gatherings where guests may not want to be standing around in the dirt.

Those with sloped or smaller yards may find this improvement even more beneficial. Decks in Brookfield WI can be custom designed and built to utilize space as efficiently as possible. Some homeowners whose yards are on the smaller side choose to use the space beneath their decks for outdoor storage. Others enjoy more elaborate multi-level decks that make the best possible use of limited space. Since they do not require leveling the ground beneath them as patios do, decks can also be constructed on slopes, reducing the time and labor required to install them.

Increase Property Value

A beautiful and well-constructed deck can raise a homes property value. Some homeowners report recouping almost three-quarters of the building cost when selling their homes, making them cost-effective as well in comparison to indoor additions. This will come to no surprise to homeowners who already appreciate the added aesthetic and practical value of existing decks. Given the comparatively inexpensive cost of installation, these benefits make decks a wise investment. Interested in learning more? Contact Outdoor Living Unlimited for more information or to get a quote today.

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