Why Hire A PIP Lawyer

It’s no secret that there are countless rightful PIP claims denied every year in Florida. The process is meant to be straightforward, but with how complex Personal Injury Protection laws are, and how prepared insurance companies are to fight them, it can become quite complicated. Here are some reasons why you really can’t afford not to reach out to an expert.

1. More Complex than Expected
Even basic steps taken in a PIP claim can trip up a layman. AllLaw.com describes how in a typical personal injury claim, the injured party would be advised not to contact the defendant’s insurance company, as any statement could easily be used against them. However, in a state with PIP laws, the claimant is lawfully obligated to provide a statement. This is something every layman, especially ones with the law on their side, should have a lawyer guiding them through, and the process is only just getting started.

2.  Don’t be Caught Unprepared
PIP litigation is a unique area of practice. Though it shares some shallow similarities with other personal injury and auto claims, it is ultimately a third and completely separate beast, and it requires a lawyer with actual knowledge of the process. Picking a firm that only has a casual familiarity with PIP could sadly result in simply being advised to revisit with your insurance provider to clarify your coverage. It takes years of studying and experience to know all the options available to someone facing a no-fault claim, and to get the full pay out they’re entitled to. Settling for a well meaning, yet inexperienced, lawyer could mean thousands of dollars left on the table.

Finding representation for your PIP claim is the most important decision you’ll make when starting this daunting process. Shuster & Saben, LLC’s years of expertise and documented success in Personal Injury Claims and PIPs is the best direction to continue your search for PIP Lawyer Orlando.

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