Why Families Choose Monuments When Planning Cremation Funeral Services in Milford, OH

A growing number of U.S. funerals now include simple, direct cremations. However, even when they choose cremation, local families often order permanent memorials while planning Funeral Services in Milford, OH. While some residents scatter ashes or store them at home, many others feel that a personal marker is important.

Monuments created by professionals like Dodds Memorials can rest in a location that provides space for personal reflection and makes it easier for friends to honor the deceased. For some families, it is also important to create a memorial that ties them to future generations.

Memorials Provide Spaces for Mourning

Families may arrange cremation because it is what the deceased wanted or for practical reasons, but many still want to include a traditional monument. If they scatter ashes, there is no special place that allows them to connect to the deceased. Many order a memorial bench while arranging Funeral Services in Milford, OH. Stone benches are typically set on pedestals and include elements etched with a name, dates, and images or emblems. They are often placed in gardens or cemeteries and provide a haven where mourners can rest and reflect.

Families and Friends Can Pay Their Respects

When families keep ashes or scatter them, there is nowhere for friends to pay their respects. Even after visiting the family of the deceased, many want to visit a final resting place and honor those they lost. That is especially common when death has occurred due to violence. A stone monument or bench allows friends to visit when they want, remember better times, and pay their respects.

Monuments Act as Generational Links

The practice of scattering cremated remains allows living family members to celebrate the life of someone they lose but does not tie that life to future generations. There is no way for anyone in the future to connect with their forbears except through written and spoken histories. Cremation monuments serve the same purpose that gravestones have been providing for centuries. They link generations via monuments placed in meaningful locations.

Many families now order stone memorials when planning cremations. They want to create spaces where family and friends can visit and pay their respects. Permanent memorials also help future generations connect to ancestors.

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