Why CAM Services Has The Best Snow Removal Greenwood Village CO Has to Offer

Living in Colorado means you have to deal with that dreaded white stuff: snow. If you are looking for the best Snow Removal Greenwood Village CO has to offer than check out CAM Services. The company stands for “Common Area Maintenance Services” and offers the best snow removal for Greenwood Village, CO customers.


Website uses many different machines to get that snow off your parking lot and sidewalks. They use heavy trucks with wings, which look like giant shovels, attached to the front. After a blizzard and everything is covered with feet of snow, CAM will use front loaders and backhoes to pile up that snow safely. Sidewalks are cleared using ATV’s so that the process is quick, or snow blowers for small areas. They also aren’t opposed to using their hands and good ol’ shovels.

Ice Melt

With snow comes ice. It takes more than machinery to get rid of dangerous ice. No business wants snow free parking lots covered in slick ice. The most common way to melt ice quickly is to use a sand and salt mixture. The salt melts the snow and the sand provides traction for safety while the ice melts. CAM will use ice melt to make your parking lots and sidewalks safe for customers. They can even use one of the most powerful ice melts, Ice Slicer. DOT crews use Ice Slicer on the roads.


One reason why CAM has the best Snow Removal Greenwood Village CO has to offer is because the company has a meteorologist on the payroll. They do much more than check the weather channel. With a meteorologist, CAM knows what weather is on the way and can have employees and machinery ready to go before the snow hits. If a blizzard is on the way, those trucks will out before the roads are even passable.

Other Services

CAM offers more than snow removal. They also offer power sweeping to keep parking areas clean and safe for customers. They offer power washing for parking lots, sidewalks, and buildings. CAM provides temporary fencing to keep people out of dangerous areas or to control crowds so they don’t go where you don’t want them to go. Construction companies, airports, and every day businesses use CAM.

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