Why buy a Second hand Caravan?

Arguably the single biggest reason for opting for a used caravan is budget. However, there are several very good reasons to go for a second hand caravan, they include:

1. They retain their value more readily then new ones.
2. Minor wear and tear is not so much of an issue.
3. There is more choice available from the dealers
4. Delivery and logistical issues are much less likely
5. You do not have to purchase from a franchised dealership

Buying from a second hand Dealer

There are innumerable sound reasons to purchase from an authorised dealership. They include:

1. A warranty is more likely to be available, it is still advisable to check the small print, as you do not want to find you are not covered if you breakdown in the middle of the night midway between Ashford and Newcastle. Asking about a warranty also means you can ascertain the potential for problems with the caravan.

2. After purchase there is more protection from the law. The most important issues are that the caravan must be sold as described by the dealer, in other words it must be as advertised. There is an important caveat, caravan dealers in ashford kent are obliged to inform you of any damage prior to purchase, and you should also thoroughly exam the vehicle.

3. The law was updated in 2003 such that if a buyer sees anything they consider to be outside the remit of satisfactory, they can request that the issue in question be resolved by the seller before the purchase is agreed.

4. As of 2003 the regulations are framed so that if a defect is found within 6 months of the sale, that defect is assumed to have been present at the point of sale. The seller is liable for the repair unless they can prove otherwise

A final piece of advice is to thoroughly exam the caravan before you leave the dealers forecourt. This means checking the brakes, appliances, engine, and indicator lights. You are responsible for making sure the paperwork is full, complete and up to date. No matter how much consumer protection you are entitled to, once you have purchased the caravan, you as the registered owner are accountable for its road worthiness.

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