Who Needs to Get a Flu Shot?

As spring turns into summer, you are probably thinking about your upcoming vacation or the neighborhood barbecue next week. The last thing on your mind is probably getting a flu shot. You may think that flu season is behind you; however, that is not the case. Anyone can get the flu at anytime of year, which is why getting a flu shot is more important than ever.

The flu, or influenza, is a serious disease that can lead to serious health complications, hospitalization, or even death. The flu is very easy to catch from others, and if you are not vaccinated, it is even easier to catch it from those around you. If more people that get vaccinated for the flu, it decreases the amount of people that the flu can be spread from. A flu shot is an essential to protect not only yourself, but all those around you. Your family and co-workers definitely don’t want to catch the flu just because you brought it to them.

Once you get a flu shot, within two weeks your body will have created antibodies, which will fight off the real flu virus if you come in contact with it. As a result, you will either not get sick at all, or it will be much milder than if you had forgone the flu shot.

It is very important for people who are especially at risk to catching the flu to get a flu shot. People who should get a flu shot include adults who wish to reduce their risk, people around young children, healthcare workers, people in long term care facilities, anyone with chronic health problems or a weak immune system, and pregnant women.

The Midwest Express Clinic is a great place to go to get your flu shot. With locations in Willowbrook IL, Schererville IN, and Munster, IN, you can easily get your flu shot and protect yourself and your family from the flu. Flu shots are essential to preventing the flu and staying healthy for the whole summer, so that you can focus with getting on with your life rather than being sick for a week, wishing you hadn’t caught the flu in the middle of the summer.



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