Who Needs Architects For St. Augustine Area In Florida?

If we restrict our view to the classic definition of the word “architect”, then anybody contemplating having some sort of building constructed in St. Augustine will be in need of the services of an architect. By dictionary definition, an architect is someone who creates the design of a building and then plans and oversees its construction. Better dictionaries tell us that the word “architect” came from Ancient Greek (arkhitekton) by way of Latin (architectus). Arkhi translates as “chief” and tekton as “builder”.

In olden days, many impressive buildings were built by self trained “master builders” and some have stood for more than a thousand years. However, over time, prominent names came onto the scene and these were associated with the buildings that they designed – such as Sir Christopher Wren with St. Paul’s Cathedral in London, England. Oddly, you do not see much about the American architects James Hoban and Benjamin Henry Latrobe; nor the French engineer Pierre Charles L’Enfant who were (separately) responsible for the design and construction of The White House.

Nevertheless, a profession of architecture had been born to replace the self trained master builder. Full university courses and qualifications in architecture followed leading to the qualified and licensed architects that we see today. The groundwork for today’s professional approach was laid by the formation of The American Institute of Architects in 1857; prior to their efforts, anyone could call themselves and practice as an architect.

The investment of both time and money needed these days to become a fully qualified and certified architect means that such architects In St. Augustine will be charging high fees for their expertise – often based on a percentage of the construction cost (typically between 4 and 12%). As a result, anyone contemplating new construction work needs to look into the return on investment aspect of hiring a firm of architects. This could be fine for someone embarking upon a major, prestigious construction project but could be over the top for someone who only wants to say that they live in an architect designed home.

Local rules and regulations might forbid someone from simply buying a plot of land and then building whatever they want on it. Permits, safety rules and environmental concerns now apply and must be complied with before any ground is broken. A fully licensed firm of architects In St. Augustine can sort all this out for you for a (big) fee. A useful alternative is to use a firm headed by a qualified DBIA. This will be somebody recognised by the Design-Build Institute of America as qualified to carry out all aspects of a construction project (no matter how large or small that may be).

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