Who is a Suitable Candidate for Dental Implants in Columbia, TN?

When a person is missing one or several teeth, they need to find a way to have those teeth replaced. There are a few different options available, and the cost depends on the type of procedure a patient chooses. Some procedures are fairly simple, such as being fitted for dentures. But, dentures come with a whole host of problems, the least of which being loose-fitting. Many people who wear dentures must use some type of adhesive in order to feel secure that their dentures aren’t going to slip when talking or eating.

Another option is to have dental implants. In Columbia, TN, many people are opting to have this procedure done, because it is permanent. The new teeth are implanted right into patients’ jawbones, and they are just like real teeth. They look natural, and patients find that they can eat pretty much anything they want to, unlike those who wear dentures and must avoid chewy or sticky foods most of the time.

Not everyone is a suitable candidate for this type of procedure. The main thing to consider is the condition of the jaw bone. When there is tooth loss, there will also be bone loss. The less bone there is, the less chance there is of this procedure working. Some procedures, known as root form implants, are bonded to the bone, so there must be enough healthy bone to work with.

Not everyone who has bone loss is automatically refused as a candidate for Dental Implants Columbia TN. There are some solutions to the problem. One is to have a procedure called bone grafting done, which involves taking bone from one part of the body, often another part of the mouth, and grafting it to the jaw bone. Even animal or artificial bones can be used for this. The other procedure is to use subperiosteal implants, which are beneath the gums but above the bone.

To learn more about being a good candidate for this procedure, or to learn about other cosmetic and family dentistry services offered, interested persons can visit the website for the Center for Dental Health.

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