Where to Place St. Joe Signs to Promote Your Business

There are many ways for a company that does Printing in St. Joseph, MO to help you promote your business. Companies like St. Joe Sign will print or make signs with your company name and logo for a variety of uses. Here are several places you can place your business name so everyone sees it.


Does your business have an awning over the front door so the walkway doesn’t get wet or slippery? If yes, you can have your company name printed on the front and sides of the awning, making it easier for people to know they are entering the right building. If not, you could always get an awning.


Canopies are like awnings, except they aren’t attached to the wall. They are freestanding structures used to protect areas. Canopies are great for businesses that keep products outside or have tables for guests outside. Take advantage of the canopies by placing your business name all around it. People will see it from great distances.

Giant Letters

Most businesses use a sign placed on the business wall to announce you’ve found the right place. Why not go bigger and use individual giant letters? These letters can be plastic or metal, but both withstand the elements. The bigger the letters, the bigger your company name looks and the easier it is to see from the road.

Pole Signs

Pole signs are useful for business that are stuck in the middle of many other businesses and back away from the road. Place your company sign on the top of a giant pole so that everyone driving by can see it from a distance. Pole signs can also be used for businesses that use machines like cherry pickers. Place the sign along the lift for everyone to see while you work.


Not only do you want to help customers driving to your business, but you should also guide customers walking to your business. Wayfinders are signs that look like arrows and you use them to point people toward your business or the front door. Make sure of wayfinders by using them to promote your business with your pretty logo.

St. Joe Sign can make all of these promotional signs and many others. Take advantage of them all to boost your business.

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