Where to Find Cheap Car Insurance in Salinas

Everyone in Salinas is looking for cheap car insurance. In fact, all across the country people search for cheap car insurance in the hopes of finding the best deal possible. Like all insurance, you only want to pay the minimum amount, just in case you absolutely need it – but you hope you’ll never need it! So how can you get the best deal on cheap car insurance in Salinas?

Starting Online

The natural place to start is online. There are many insurance providers that offer nationwide policies, as well as local companies that can usually give you a very specific quote online because they understand local discounts and increases. And then there are the comparison websites. Comparison websites are designed to bring you in, give you a few quotes, and then convince you to purchase your policy through the site, rather than directly from an insurance company.

Many online comparison sites advertise that they have the best rates available and even have names like “cheap car insurance” to help convince you to use their service. Is there a difference from one comparison site to another? Usually the answer is no. Comparison sites do give you a sense of the range of auto insurance rates in Salinas, but they don’t necessarily give you the most accurate quotes. They work because most shoppers will go ahead and purchase if they are talking to someone who can walk them through the process of getting an accurate quote.

If you use comparison sites, proceed with caution. If they ask you to enter a phone number, you can almost guarantee that they’ll call you – especially if you don’t complete the purchase online. This isn’t a terrible thing, but you’ll probably get roped into buying without looking any further.

Should You Look Further? And Will you Find Cheaper Car Insurance Quotes?

Depending on your situation, you may find cheap car insurance quotes online with a comparison site. However, you may also find that the initial quotes are not what they finally get for you at the time of purchase. This is because you have to give a lot more information before an accurate quote can be set.

For some, it makes more sense to simply find a good car insurance company that offers reasonable prices. In fact, you will get a more accurate quote if you use online quote generators that are on the website of the insurance company. A cheap car insurance policy in Salinas may not be very far away.


If you are looking for a cheap car insurance policy in Salinas, contact the friendly folks at Coast Auto Insurance. They’ll be sure to give you an accurate and reasonable quote the first time.


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