When You Should Call a Water Damage Restoration Company in Ann Arbor

Floods, fires, and storms can all cause water damage to your home. Floods can come without notice, and can fill your home with water that may be contaminated. When you have a house fire, water will be used to put out the fire, and that water will need to be removed from your home before it causes further damage. Storms can cause damage to your roof, allowing the rain water to leak into your home. If you’ve experienced any of these problems, your best option is to hire a water damage restoration company in Ann Arbor to help you remove the water and repair the damage.

The first thing a water damage Ann Arbor restoration company such as 1-800 Water Damage will do is remove the water from your home. They have all the safety equipment to do this so that there is no worry about contamination from your home. They also have equipment such as commercial driers to dry out your home and make sure no more water is left. After they remove all of the water from your home, they’ll check to see what kind of damage the water caused. This damage can include:

Dangerous bacteria and mold in the flooring, on the walls, and in the air

Damage to baseboards and walls

Damage to the structure of the home

Damage to furniture and appliances

If any of these types of damage are found, the water damage Ann Arbor restoration company will offer you solutions. They can work to remove all bacteria and mold from the home in a safe manner to protect you and your family. They will be able to not only check the floors and walls, but also used specialized equipment to check the air quality of the home. Damage in the home can also be handled by the water damage restoration company, or they can recommend a contractor who can quickly help you.

If your home has been damaged by water, it’s important that you get help with the water removal and repairs as soon as possible. Holding off can cause more damage, and can cause health problems for you or your family. Call today to ensure that your home is completely dry and restored to the condition it was before the water damage.

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