When You Need Roof Replacements in Tucson

Maintaining the roof of the home is a necessary part of home ownership. The roof provides protection against the various storms and temperatures nature can send. It also provides integrity for the entire structure of the home. It is important to know when Roof Replacements Tucson are necessary and to get the right company to install the roofing system. This can help ensure a home stays safe and comfortable for the entire family.

When to replace

A typical roof can last about 20 years. When the roof reaches the end of its life expectancy, it is a good idea to look into Roof Replacements Tucson. It may not always be apparent when the roof was first installed, especially for recent purchases. Watching when the neighbors replace their roofs can help identify the age of the roof. This is due to the fact that most homes are built in a neighborhood at approximately the same time. This often gives the neighborhood the same time frame for replacing their roofs.


If a roof has not been cared for properly, it may need to be replaced sooner. Major leaks or missing shingles, or other obvious damages may require replacement. These issues could have caused severe damage to the structure of the roof and, possibly, the home. Companies, such as Ralph Hays Roofing, can inspect a roof to see the extent of the damage. They can also help determine if the roof can be repaired or needs to be replaced.

Maintaining the new roof

Once the roof is replaced, it is important to maintain it properly to ensure it lasts. A roof should be inspected at least once a year for any wear or damage. It should also be inspected after any major storm. This can identify problems early and allow for quick repairs. This can help prevent minor leaks and problems from becoming serious issues.

The right roofing company can provide the best options for roofing materials and styles to suit the needs of the home. They can also offer professional installation to ensure a roof that will last through anything nature throws at it. These companies also offer maintenance and repairs to help a roof last longer. For more information about these and other services, visit ralphhays.com.

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