When You Might Need a Family Lawyer in Bainbridge Island, Washington

Whenever people think of having a need for a family lawyer, they usually think of divorce or some other separation issue. But family lawyers do other things as well. They are helpful when a couple is looking to adopt a child. They are also helpful in establishing paternity where there are issues of uncertainty. Family lawyers also are good for trying to secure child support. A Family Lawyer in Bainbridge Island, Washington helps individuals and families resolve their issues. Here are some issues that would indicate that someone might need a family lawyer.

Obviously, the first need for a family lawyer would be in handling a divorce. The family lawyer usually handles divorces or legal separations for couples. During the process of seeking a divorce, a family lawyer might suggest mediation. That process would be less expensive than going through a full blown contested divorce. In a divorce proceeding, the things that will be handled include division of any property, division of all assets and debts, child support, child custody and spousal maintenance. The more the divorcing couple can agree upon, the less time and money will be spent fighting stuff in court.

The family lawyer is used for foster parents who want to transition to adopting the child. The adoption process can be tricky. Without a family lawyer to handle any legal technicalities that come up, the would-be parents may not be successful in adoption. The various kinds of adoption that family lawyers assist with are adoptions by relatives, stepparent adoptions, private adoptions and international adoptions. A final thing to consider is for those who are filing for paternity or to prove paternity.

Lindsay & Lindsay, Attorneys at Law are attorneys in the Bainbridge Island, Washington area who have been providing legal solutions for clients for more than 20 years. The areas of law practiced, in addition to family law, are guardianships, estate law, and probate law. Interested clients can call the law office to schedule a consultation.

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