When You Can’t Be in Your Home, You Need Short Term Housing in Columbia, MO That is Your Home Away from Home.

If your home is under extensive renovation, suffered damage that makes it unlivable or you are in-between homes due to a relocation, you need to find Short Term Housing Columbia MO. Everything that is familiar is unavailable to you. You have packed everything into storage and suitcases, the constant digging through things is making you feel disconnected and frustrated. You could stay with friends or relatives for a weekend, or maybe even a week, but it is not the ideal. Restless children, eating out every meal, and going to the laundromat are exhausting, inconvenient and expensive. What you need is a suit with the accommodations of home.

StayBridge Suites can be your home away from home when you need them. With full kitchens, complimentary laundry facilities and rooms that are spacious and comfortable they can make life a little easier. They have cable television and high speed internet in every room, and in all of the public areas. There is an indoor swimming pool and spa, and a large selection of classic board games for you and the kids. There is a fitness center with a wide range of exercise equipment. A full breakfast is available every morning and they have a pantry that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days per week. They also serve a complimentary dinner during the week, when you do not feel like cooking. For variety, an outdoor BBQ grill is available for entertaining. When you are away from home, this may not be home, but it certainly is a close second.

If you are working through home repairs or construction, there are mountains of paperwork, phone calls, faxing and delivery systems that are required. At StayBridge Suites, they will be your home central. With copy machines, fax machines and high speed internet, you can send and receive your important information. There is a 24 hour business center available for meetings and conferences should you need them. Kinkos, Staples and UPS services are also available, they can be your home and your office.

Short Term Housing Columbia MO does not have to be inconvenient or uncomfortable. You can have the next best thing with services and rooms that are almost home. At the end of a long day, you will walk through the door and be welcomed home.

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