When Tooth Veneers Are a Good Choice

If your teeth are chipped, have surface imperfections or they are stained beyond redemption then tooth veneers are an ideal solution. In just a couple of office visits to a dentist in Broomfield CO these unattractive conditions can be eliminated once and forever.

The differences between veneers, bonding and crowns:

There is more than one way to improve the appearance of teeth. If a tooth has been left untreated and it has decayed to the point where it requires a root canal, the best solution is a crown. If the teeth have tiny fissures and minute chips then the dentist will usually suggest bonding. Bonding is done by applying a resin material to the tooth surface and then polished, removing the minute imperfections in the process.

If the problems are more significant that just minor imperfections then dentist will usually suggest dental veneers. A veneer is the better solution when the teeth have significant chips or cracks or have been worn down or badly discolored. A dental veneer is an extremely thin surface that is firmly bonded to the front of teeth. Once the dentist in Broomfield CO has fixed them and shaped them they are not detectable. If the situation is such that a crown is not required then a dental veneer is by far the best solution for returning teeth to their original perfection.

How are veneers made and affixed?

When you first visit the dentist in Broomfield CO the teeth which are affected are prepared, this entails a slight removal of enamel which accommodates the thickness of the veneer. Once the dentist has completed the preparation a mold of the teeth is taken, the mold is sent to a dental lab where the veneers are made. It may take a couple of weeks for the veneers to be completed, in the meantime the dentist will fit temporary veneers; these veneers have a short useful life but it does give the patient a good idea of just how wonderful his r her teeth will soon look. The process takes only two office visits; one to prepare the teeth, the other to fit the veneers.

If the damage to the teeth in question is greater than that which can be corrected with a dental veneer, the dentist will suggest crowns, often called caps. These are very strong and can cover more of the tooth than a veneer can.

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