When to Use Spray Insulation in Wichita, KS

Every home and office, big or small, must be insulated for comfort and support. With ongoing new construction in Wichita, KS, there are many insulation projects underway. Different types of buildings and needs of customers determine different insulation methods. Which is best for a home or office is typically determined by a trained professional.

There are three main types of insulation processes used by major companies in the Wichita area. The first type is most often recommended by the local professionals at NorthStar Comfort Services. This is called Blow-In-Blanket (BIB) insulation. It is acceptable in most situations because it does not leave gaps and creates a solid layer around pipes and tubing in the home or office. When possible, professionals like to use this type of insulation because of the extra support it offers. However, be sure the company offering this service has up-to-date technicians doing the work. Re-certification is required every two years so it would not hurt to ask for a technician’s BIB license to ensure that he or she is still qualified.

The second most common insulation process consists of installing insulation batts. These are strips of insulation placed strategically and snugly in the wall openings. Sometimes this type can leave a gap if the strips to do fit perfectly and when possible professionals prefer to use BIB and avoid any possible gaps. However, there is a solution for gaps as well. Spray insulation Wichita KS will fill in the gaps caused by insulation batt installation, time or the work of a non-professional. This type of insulation is typically used to reach hard-to-get-to places like snug corners or in between piping lines. However, it is possible to insulate an entire home or office with Spray insulation Wichita KS. Some customers simply prefer the firm and sturdy spray insulation and feel comfortable that it will reach everywhere so they request it for the entire building. This process is a bit more time consuming than BIB but it can certainly be done. Regardless of the process, all insulation installations should be completed by trained professionals 100% of the time.

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