When to Seek Dental Treatment in St. Albert

Cavities are one type of dental issue that takes time to improve. Dental treatment in St. Albert can often be postponed until the following business day if there is no discomfort and the tooth condition was not caused by trauma. Specific dental issues, however, cannot wait even a few hours.

Excessive Pain or Bleeding

Dental bleeding should be quickly controlled with a bit of gauze and gentle pressure. Even after taking these precautions, if the gum is still bleeding you must seek treatment immediately from a place such as Citadel Dental.

Almost always, a severe toothache requires emergency dental services in St. Albert. Pain often indicates a dental infection or nerve-related damage to the tooth. Both are critical problems. You can first try at-home remedies for toothaches, but if the problem persists, you should see a dentist.


It is common for an infection or an abscess to be accompanied by swelling of the jaw or mouth. After they have progressed to this stage, they require rapid medical intervention. Minor discomfort or mild swelling are symptoms that probably do not require medical attention until regular business hours. Anything that appears out of nowhere must be investigated immediately.

If the swelling is not addressed, it can rapidly worsen, and swelling around the lips and face can be particularly dangerous since it has the potential to obstruct airflow. Do not hesitate to make an appointment for dental treatment in St. Albert if the swelling worsens or continues after it has started.