When To Hire and How To Hire Pest Control in Boulder CO

As temperatures start to rise, and spring officially moves in, the pests that were gone all winter come back into our homes. When to do something about the pests is up to each individual homeowner, when it gets to be too much for that person to handle, it is time to find Pest Control Boulder CO. For some pests like termites that damage the structure of a home, pest management is necessary. While termites need to be exterminated in a timely fashion, do not make a hasty decision on with pest control company to use. An extra two to three weeks to find the right company will not make a noticeable difference. If considering an exterminator, get at least three estimates from different companies to find the best value, not necessarily the lowest price.

There are dangerous pest that should be handled professionally and immediately. Rodents such as Rats and Mice carry diseases like the Hantavirus and chew on wiring. The chewed wires could cause a short, and carry a risk of fire. Spiders like The Black Widow and the Brown Recluse both produce venom in their bite, and can cause a fatal reaction. The chances of a fatal reaction increase in the young children, and elderly adults. With the ability to lay around 100 eggs, a professional exterminator should inspect and treat the property.

When hiring Pest Control Boulder CO, always make sure to check if the company is insured and bonded. The technician should present identification, license, and certification, before being allowed on the property. If not sure of which pest control company to use, ask friends, family member, or neighbors for referrals. After the exterminator has evaluated the property, decided if quarterly, monthly, or possibly even more frequent treatments are needed.

When considering a pest control company, consider asking them about the extermination process. Many of the extermination companies have switched over to a method that relies more on find how a pest is coming into the house, and sealing up those entrances versus a chemically dependent process.

Since the newest method actually prevents the problem from entering the home, it is a safe and more effective process. Consult Ward’s Lawn Service today!

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