When Should You Hire an Attorney to Assist with L and I Claims in Kingston, WA?

Working in certain industries that require you to perform manual labor or work with potentially dangerous equipment means there may be some risk to your health or safety involved. When working under these conditions, if you happen to sustain a job related injury, you may be eligible to receive financial compensation for your injuries. These financial benefits can help to pay for your medical expenses as well as lost wages and pain and suffering due to your injuries.

Local workers trying to file L and I Claims in Kingston, WA may find their efforts will be met with some resistance. This can come from an employer, insurance provider, or possibly even both. When you are having problems with your L and I Claims in Kingston, WA, it may be helpful to hire the services of an attorney to help you in obtaining the settlement you deserve.

Although it may not be their intention to personally deny you the benefits that you are entitled to, there are two very good reasons for which a company or their insurance provider may choose to fight a claim.

1. To Protect Their Financial Well Being –

2. When a worker sustains a job related injury, the financial implications to the company can be severe, to say the least. Obviously, this is something both entities would like to avoid if at all possible. Unfortunately, this can sometimes mean employees with a legitimate claim due to an injury may be caught in the cross fire that can ensue when companies decide that they don’t want to lose money.

3. To Protect against Fraudulent Claims –

4. The unfortunate truth is that some less than honest employees may try to play the system by making false claims of a work related injury. Many companies have learned the hard way to ere on the side of safety in order to protect against these fraudulent claims.

If you find yourself facing a situation similar to the ones described here, the best thing you can do is contact and hire the services of an attorney. If your claim is legitimate, a qualified attorney will be able to help you in proving your case and obtaining the benefits to which you are rightfully entitled to receive.


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