When Record-Breaking Temperatures Arrive, Area Residents Are Glad for HVAC Services in Springboro, OH

After a long, hot summer, residents of southern Ohio would like to experience some relief from the heat when autumn arrives. In 2019, autumn simply is not cooperating. Record-breaking high temperatures have been noted in the Cincinnati area in October. By now, some area residents might actually be looking forward to winter. At least they enjoy cool weather in their homes thanks to HVAC Services in Springboro, OH.

October: Record-Breaking Temperatures

October 1, 2019, saw the hottest temperature on record in Ohio for that month. Records were demolished around the state. Cincinnati reached 92 degrees by early afternoon, breaking its previous record of 91 degrees set in 1941 and matched again in 2007. Dayton’s temperature hit 93. Residents of Springboro, located between the two, tried to stay cool by being indoors as much as possible. They are glad that HVAC Services in Springboro, OH keep their equipment in good working order.

Those temperatures are around 30 degrees higher than normal for this time of year, leading many people to have discussions about global warming and climate change. That was an especially likely topic considering that dozens of cities in Ohio and states to the south and southeast set new records in early October.

September: Unusually Warm

In Cincinnati and Dayton, October felt more like August. September had been bad enough, with the average temperature for Cincinnati for the month at more than 75 degrees. The normal average in September is only about 69 degrees.

Back to Normal

Fortunately, the weather reached more normal temperatures by the second week of October. In fact, with nighttime temperatures dipping into the 40s, people in this region were reminded to schedule their yearly furnace maintenance with a contractor such as Living Comfort HVAC LLC. Daytime highs around 70 degrees provided a welcome change from the sweltering heat of the previous week.

Annual Equipment Maintenance

Ideally, homeowners would have the central air unit inspected and cleaned in spring before the warmer weather arrives. If they prefer to have maintenance performed on both the furnace and central air during the same appointment, they can have the combination work performed in autumn. See Facebook to read about one particular contractor.

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