When Might You Need Transmission Repair In Edmonds WA?

Forget about showing off and impressing others; what is really the sole purpose for our having an automobile? To get us from point A to point B in safety and in a timely and comfortable manner – everything else is trimmings.

The Concept Fails If The Car Cannot Move

Any car that cannot or will not move becomes nothing more than somewhere to sit and keep dry when it is raining. No matter what type of engine, capacity or fuel; an engine converts energy potential into movement. In most engine designs, this movement is a rotating crankshaft.

Attaching A Crankshaft Directly To The Wheels Just Isn’t Going To Work

All automobiles require a way to transmit the rotary movement of the crankshaft to at least two of the wheels and control torque, speed and direction at the same time. This is the function of your car’s transmission.

Transmissions Take The Power Out Of The Engine & Put It On The Road

An auto’s transmission is a system of many components (sometimes called a train). The first stage in this train is the part that enables you to separate the revolving crankshaft from the rest of the system (for when you are stationary with the engine running) and, then, engage the rotary movement when you wish to start moving. This part is the clutch and its other duty is to disengage the engine when gears are being changed. The gearbox comes after the clutch and comprises a series of connected cogs which are used to modify the speed of rotation and/or its direction. Gearboxes can be either automatic or manual. They require a number of bearings to ensure smooth rotation with as little friction loss as possible and the whole arrangement has to be submerged in lubricating oil. After the gearbox has engaged the speed and direction of rotation chosen by the driver, the movement is ready to be sent to the wheels – a fairly direct connection for front wheel drive or via a “prop” shaft and differential to the rear wheels.

This is a fairly complex system that has a fairly high potential to give problems and malfunction. Very commonly, loss of gearbox lubricant can damage cogs and or bearings (as can an extremely clumsy driver). Wear of friction material within the clutch is another failure point. When the transmission fails, your car becomes, at best, un-drivable; so, at the merest hint of possible problems, you should rush your vehicle to someone knowledgeable in Transmission Repair In Edmonds.

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