When It’s Time to Sell Pennsylvania Mineral Rights

Do you currently own Pennsylvania mineral rights, and have a desire to free yourself from the demands and risks of hanging on to them? If you were in the market for a good return, and now simply want some payout, you’ve come to the right place for the best of both worlds.

H & M Land and Mineral has decades of experience in the exchange of oil, gas and mineral rights and royalties. Our mission is to connect property owners with the best possible returns when they’re ready to sell. We want to help them use their minerals as leverage in this respect, and ultimately see the payout they were hoping for from the start. Not only do we have the understanding and resources necessary, but also the industry connections that make all of this possible.

A Regional Player

As a local company, we work in Ohio, West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Our regional work means that we are small enough to know very well the people and lands with which we work, and provide the kind of service you deserve. However, we are also large enough to deal in significant sums and properties, opening up opportunities for buyers and sellers alike. In everything, we observe the current local and state laws and regulations.

In order to keep the process moving along quickly and accurately, we provide landmen engaged in acquisition, who give a high valuation appraisal on your large or small property. In addition, a team of more than 50 Abstractors manages the tasks of title research. Finally, our in house legal team ensures that all bases are covered and you get your money sooner.

We’d be happy to make a no-obligation offer, should you be interested. All you have to do is fill in a form and our offices will be in touch. Our staff is friendly and knowledgeable, and will be more than happy to answer your questions. If you’re a buyer, we’ll certainly be ready to talk data for your calculated investment.

Contact H & M

Please spend a little time exploring our site, then get in touch with our mailing address. Or, you can use the email address or phone for more immediate communication. A contact form is also available. We look forward to speaking with you about Pennsylvania mineral rights!

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