When is it a Good Idea to Go for AC Replacement?

If your air conditioner is old or troublesome, you may wonder if it’s a good idea to get a new one instead of keeping the old one repaired and maintained. Here are some of the circumstances in which it’s best to go with AC replacement:

Energy Star says that it can be good to replace an air conditioner or heat pump that’s only 10 years old. A properly-installed new one with the Energy Star label can save up to 20% on heating costs over an old, inefficient one. Of course, there are many variables that go into how much you’d actually save. If your current one isn’t an inefficient model, it may be better to wait until it is 15 or 20 years old before replacing it for age reasons alone.

An air conditioner doesn’t have to be old to be ready for the scrap heap. If your current one is a frustrating lemon, then it’s a good idea to ditch it as soon as you have the money for a replacement. A unit that runs without any trouble is worth more than one that forces you to have the repair people out several times per season, and the cost savings from avoiding all of those repair calls can make switching well worth while.

Another reason to replace an air conditioner even if it’s fairly new is if it isn’t powerful enough to do the job. A unit that wilts during the hottest months is just wasting money because it isn’t providing the comfort you bought it for. In many cases, such problems result from the unit being too small for the area that needs to be cooled. People who move to Florida from colder climates are often tempted to demand small units because that’s what worked “at home,” only to find out that here, heating and cooling needs are roughly reversed from how they are in the North. Let a company like Eco Air Conditioning recommend the proper unit for your Fort Myers home, and you can be sure of remaining cool all summer long.

These are just some of the times it’s best to go for AC replacement instead of trying to make an old unit do the job. When you get your new, properly-sized system, you’ll enjoy cooler air and lower power bills at the same time.

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