When Do You Need a Root Canal?

by | Jun 28, 2016 | dentistry

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When going to the dentist, there are probably not any other two words that you don’t want to hear besides root canal. However, while the phrase conjures up images of a dentist’s drill and a lot of pain and anesthesia, not many of us really know what’s going on with a root canal. Thus, to help relieve any fears you may have, let’s break down this relatively straightforward procedure and talk about what to do if you need one.

What is a Root Canal?
As we all know, our teeth are not impermeable to decay. Not brushing regularly and a high-sugar diet can wear down our enamel and destroy our teeth from within. If that happens, you can get what’s known as a dead tooth. When that happens, a root canal dentist will do whatever he or she can to preserve the tooth, rather than remove it.

What’s Involved in a Root Canal?
Since the tooth is dead, there’s nothing you can do to save it. If you wanted, you could replace it with an implant, but that is a much more complicated and usually more expensive procedure. A root canal is when the dentist removes the decayed part of the tooth, leaving the exterior. Once the dead part is gone, then the tooth is fine. However, to prevent breaking, a crown will need to be placed on top.

A crown is merely a cover for your tooth, so it won’t decay any further and won’t break under pressure. A root canal dentist should be able to place a crown relatively easily, so you won’t need a whole new implant.

If you live in St Anthony, Champlain, or Maple Grove, Minnesota, you can find a root canal dentist nearby who can answer any questions you may have and help you get back on the road to clean dental health. While you should avoid getting to the point of needing a root canal, just know that it’s a safe and standard procedure that will get your mouth back to normal in no time.

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