When A Homeowner Should Contact A Contractor That Offers Window Repair Services In O’Fallon Missouri

Windows protect a home from exterior elements and weather-related threats while allowing sunshine to flow in and fill a space with warmth. Most windows are designed to provide years of reliable use and protection, but there are times when issues may arise that cause them to lose their water repellant and insulative properties, in addition to problems resulting from broken hardware. The following is a look at three of the many issues that should be addressed by a company that offers Window Repair Services In O’Fallon Missouri.

Malfunctioning Locks or Cranks

All windows are equipped with locks, and some are opened and closed through the use of a manual crank. If either of these components breaks, it is not only a significant safety concern, but it may prevent a window from opening, which is a safety hazard in the event of an emergency. A window repair company will have access to the parts needed to repair any broken items and will restore the functionality of windows of any age or size.

Leaky Seals and Drafts

Windows are equipped with several seals that prevent moisture from rain and snow from making its way indoors and help to stave off drafts during windy conditions. If a homeowner notices moisture on their shashes or the drywall surrounding a window, it is imperative to take action right away. A professional will determine the exact location of the leak and replace any seals that are rotted or otherwise compromised.

Cracked or Shattered Glass

Most residential windows are made using a minimum of two panes of glass, and while they are somewhat resistant to damage as a result of blunt force trauma, it is still possible for them to break or shatter. A broken window is a perfect point of entry for burglars and is also a safety hazard for those who live in a home. Let a provider of Window Repair Services In O’Fallon Missouri replace any broken glass to help stave off the potential of injury or theft.

A broken window shouldn’t be ignored. The technicians at A M Richards Glass Co Inc have years of experience repairing and installing a variety of window types. Call them at the first sign of trouble and restore peace of mind to a family.

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