What’s the Story Behind Advertisements Promising Cash for Junk Cars in Ft. Collins?

If you’ve seen an ad offering cash for junk cars in Ft. Collins, you’ve likely wondered what the deal was. Is it even legitimate? The answer is yes, it is indeed a real offer.

The driving force behind the relatively recent spike in prices paid for junk cars is the massive change that has taken place in the recycling industry. Two factors have converged to make cars that you once would have had to pay to get rid of worth hundreds of dollars. One is the massive increase in demand for recycled metals, plastics, and other components that go into cars. This has caused a similarly massive rise in the prices paid for scrap.

The other is the improvement in materials recovery techniques. Now, it is profitable to bother to take a car apart and separate its materials types. A few years ago, doing so would have caused a junk yard to incur costs rather than make a profit.

How Much Cash can You Get?
Most auto recovery companies that deal with non-working cars pay according to the car’s weight. Other issues, such as whether the battery is missing, can also factor in. These things are important because metal recyclers pay by the ton. Items such as car batteries contain valuable components even when totally dead, so they will also be asked about.

Car owners don’t have to know what their cars weigh in order to sell them. Recyclers have a big list of makes and models and the weights that go with them. Therefore, all sellers need to do is tell the companies what kind of car they have and answer some basic questions about its condition in order to get a quote. Click here to learn more.

When Does Payment Take Place?
Payment takes place on the spot when the tow truck driver comes for the car! This makes getting rid of junk not only profitable, but almost instantly so.

How Junky Can the Car Be?
It can be a complete pile of wheelless, rusted-out junk and still be sold. Companies that offer cash for junk cars in Ft. Collins aren’t interested in fixing them, so a car’s poor condition is never a barrier to this type of a sale.

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