What You Should Know About Laser Dentistry In New York

If you have considered laser dentistry in New York, you may be wondering about the various options, benefits, applications and more. This type of dental work is precise and efficient and can treat many different problems. While it can still be tricky to find a dentist that offers this technique, they are becoming more popular because of what they can do. Therefore, it may be beneficial to find a dentist in your area that provides these options.


There are many advantages to such procedures. When lasers are used to treat soft-tissue problems, they may not require any sutures afterward. This can be very helpful, as sutures must be removed, meaning you will have at least one more appointment.

Many procedures won’t require anesthesia, and you will have less blood loss during the procedure because lasers can minimize bleeding. Because the high-energy lights will help the blood clot faster, there will be less blood loss.

Because the high-energy lights will sterilize the area, bacterial infections are minimized, as well.

Hard Tissue Procedures

There are three primary methods that can occur on the tooth, which include dental fillings, sensitivity, and cavity detection. Low-intensity lasers can be used to detect cavities so that the dentist doesn’t have to risk causing you pain to find them. Dental lasers can eliminate anesthetics and the typical drill used. Because lasers will kill bacteria in the cavity, it will immediately remove any risk of infection. They can also be used to seal the tubules, resulting in less sensitivity.

Soft Tissue Procedures

Soft-tissue procedures (gum) can include crown lengthening and soft tissue folds. The lasers can be used to reshape the gum tissue and bones, which will expose healthier structures. This option will also correct the “gummy smile” that many people complain of.

If your child has a tight tongue that makes it difficult to talk, lasers can be used to reduce that problem and can also correct speech impediments.


Other ways a laser in New York can be used to help is by viewing the tissues of the tooth and gum, finding tumors, reduce pain from cold sores and much more. In some cases, lasers can regenerate nerves and blood vessels that have been damaged and can even help with scarring. It can also be used to treat TMJ (Temporomandibular Joint) disease by reducing inflammation and pain.

Laser dentistry in New York is a new technique available through a handful of dentists. If you want to learn more, visit website.

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