What You Should Discuss With Your Criminal Lawyer In Towson

A Criminal Lawyer Towson builds a defense case for anyone charged with a criminal offense in law proceedings. He or she may additionally arrange for bond for the accused based upon the client’s requirements. The accused is allowed to visit with his or her preferred attorney before the first court appearance or arraignment. However, in some cases, this first court appearance occurs within the first 24-hours after the accused is arrested.

Criminal Offenses in Towson

If you face a criminal charge in Towson, you should acquire a Criminal Lawyer Towson as soon as possible to represent you. A criminal charge that is classified as a felony could result in a prison sentence between ten years and life depending on the circumstances of the crime. To be exonerated of these charges you need a criminal defense that can prove reasonable doubt in your case.

Large-term prison sentences do not only apply to crimes that were executed. For instance, an attempted murder charge could produce a sentence of twenty years based on the circumstances of the crime and the probability of malicious intent. The prosecution is not merciful and will prosecute you to the highest extent of the law. The state of Maryland does utilize the death penalty as a punishment for a murder conviction.

Building Your Case

A Criminal Lawyer Towson will build your defense case based on evidence he or she gathers through investigation. A defense attorney has access to all evidence used within a criminal case. He or she has the right as your attorney to evaluate the findings of this evidence. This applies to DNA or other trace evidence discovered within the crime scene. He or she will discuss with you all options you possess based on the prosecution’s case against you.

Selecting an Attorney

When you choose an attorney to build your criminal defense, you should establish if he or she has an existing record of successfully defending cases similar to yours. Your preferred Criminal Lawyer Towson should possess an advanced understanding of these cases to adequately prepare your case for trial. For more information related to criminal defense attorneys.

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