What You Need to Know about the Human Growth Hormone for Children

The media has cast a very negative opinion on what is known as the “human growth hormone” for the past couple of decades. After some of the most notable athletes were allegedly “abusing” the treatment, it has now been cast in a very poor light.

The fact of the matter is that this unique hormone was first developed in 1959 to help treat children who did not produce this growth hormone naturally, or who had a condition which would impair their growth. It was not developed to aid individuals in their quest for stardom or to achieve some sort of physical result. Because it does change the lives for a small handful of children in the United States and around the globe, the human growth hormone for children is still available today.

Who Can Benefit from the Human Growth Hormone?

This growth hormone is not handed out without much trepidation and consideration. In fact, physicians take a number of factors into account prior to deciding to administer the hormone to a child.

For example, if after looking at a child’s genetic heritage it is found that the male child likely will not exceed 5’8”, the request for the growth hormone will likely be denied for a number of reasons, including that the average height of an American man is 5’9”. However, if the estimated adult height of the male child will be 5’0”, then the growth hormone may boost his height to a full 5’4”.

There are certain factors which those in the health community have also agreed can lead to the eligibility for receiving the human growth hormone for children:

•   Children who were born small for their gestational age and failed to catch up to size by the age of two
•   Children with certain genetic disorders such as SHOX deficiency and Noonan syndrome
•   Girls born with Turner syndrome

Choosing the Right Treatment Clinic for Your Child’s Treatment

If your child has been found to have a reduced amount of this hormone present or meets the eligibility requirements to receive it, your next step is to find the right treatment clinic.

The Clinic Should Be Thorough

The clinic which you choose to administer the hormone should be incredibly thorough in the reports they receive, the questions they ask you, and be up to date on the latest information available about the procedure. They should absolutely believe that your child will benefit from receiving this treatment before initiating this procedure.

The Clinic Should Be Realistic

A clinic who promises that the growth hormone will add four inches to his or her final height is making unsupportable claims. The clinic you choose should be realistic, advising its patients and their parents that they do not know how much taller the hormone may allow your child to be. They should be able to present you with other similar cases to give you an idea of the likely outcome, but provide no guarantees.

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