What You Need to Know About Hiring a Pet Sitter in Timonium, MD

Veterinarians who care for pets today also offer extended care services. If you are planning a vacation in the near future but cannot bring your pet along, there is no need to stress—hiring a pet sitter in Timonium, MD, can be an easy process. Instead of hiring someone to come into your home to look after your dog or cat, you can leave them at a veterinarian facility that offers pet sitting services.

Some of the Amenities

You won’t need to consider the services of an individual pet sitter when you see how an extended care facility can take care of your pet’s basic needs and more. While their pet parents are away, dogs and cats rest comfortably in facilities that feature variously sized cages, a separate cat room, personal cat condos, and indoor runs.

Receiving the Needed Socialization

When you use an indoor kennel instead of the services of a home pet sitter, your dog or cat will have the advantage of getting regular exercise in an environment that features comfortable cooling and heating as well. All the canines in these facilities are usually walked three times each day, and twice during the weekends. Plus, the facilities house other dogs and cats, so your pet will also receive the socialization that it needs.

Each of the animal guests in an extended care facility rests on comfortable blankets and towels while in their cages. The guests are fed specialized diets, as well, that reduce the likelihood of an upset stomach. However, pet parents can also bring foods for their pets to eat while they are away.

Additionally, the facility is part of a veterinarian clinic. Therefore, you can be assured that your pet will receive the best in care from a committed and devoted staff. To find out more about this type of accommodation, research and browse website information that details the services extended care facilities offer.