What You Need To Know About A Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH

Honey bees swarms tend to be harmless if you and your family leave them alone. However, if they are stuck in your home or located in a place where they are sure to be disturbed, then removal is a necessity. Visit Wildlife Control Company for more information.

Why Are They Swarming?

Swarming or forming balls of hundreds or thousands of bees is how a honey bee colony makes more colonies. A new queen and her retinue have departed the mother colony in search of a new place to live. You do not want them to live in your home or outbuildings where they can cause great trouble, especially if someone in your home is allergic to bee stings. Swarms sometimes move off on their own but not always. The swarm is waiting for word from scout bees looking for a hole large enough for them.

What Kind of Bees Are They?

Native honeybees and European honeybees, which used to be prolific in Ohio, are not quite rare. Sadly, honeybees have been vanishing due to they mysterious and lethal disease called colony collapse disorder. The chances are large that the honeybee swarm bothering you is not from the mild-mannered honeybee species but a new invader to Ohio, the Africanized honey bee, also called “killer bees” because they have been known to kill people and animals when they are upset. It is very difficult to tell the difference between Africanized honeybees and normal honeybee species. Killer bees need to be handled specially, which is why the removal of a Honey Bee Swarm in Columbus OH should be left to professionals.

What If The Swarm Disappears But Bees Are Around?

Say the swarm disappears but there are far more bees than usual in your home and yard. Walk around your home and building to make sure there aren’t any holes where the swarm has moved into. If bees have made a home in your attic or in your walls, they are not going to move without the help of a honey bee swarm in Columbus OH professional removal service.

What About Bug Spray?

Do not use bug spray on a bee swarm. It would be poking a stick at a sleeping bear. Bee swarm removal is strictly for professional pest removal personnel or beekeepers.

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