What You Don’t Know Is Hurting Your Landscape Design in Rochester Hill, MI

Ignorance is not bliss when it comes to taking care of your home. There are lots of options to tempt you, lots of options again to make a project confusing and ruin it for you. True, it’s your home and you may have plans to stay there for a long time, thereby choosing according to your preferences. But ask any pro, and they can tell you what you should’ve avoided in your landscape design in Rochester Hill, MI.

And why would you want to do it exactly? Put simply, because you want a landscape design in Rochester Hill, MI to increase the value of your residence with time and, while you’re there, to help you impress and enjoy while entertaining guests. Make sure to avoid these mistakes when designing and building, your awesome garden.

1. Making Poor Plant Choices
Not planning on the type of plants you’d be growing can leave you dealing with a mess or two. Besides specifications like colors (contrast/blending in), shapes, budding flowers, you need to factor in plant growth too. Some grow up faster than the rest; you don’t want one around that has more maintenance needs than others in the dirt type and weather conditions provided.

Second, buying larger plants may turn out to be a bad idea if you don’t have the space to accommodate them and then also because these are expensive. Think before you put them up as an ‘impressive’ privacy perimeter or somewhere on your property.

Third, it’d be a disaster if you have plants that all flourish at only certain times of the year leaving you, basically, with a barren and boring landscape for the other seasons. Having the same variety of plants can also be a problem in case your backyard becomes infested with pests.

2. Overlooking Eyesores
This one includes every issue outside your house. From peeling paint to cracked concrete, investing in good landscape projects such as lighting or tree and shrub installation won’t add curb appeal or style to your home. Fix them first or as soon as possible.

Bonus Tip:

There’s a possibility that you too are following the myth about every tree needing a mulch ring. It does NOT. You don’t need to create a ring around each and every tree, less one that has mulch piled up high around the base. It’s unattractive and doesn’t help much with water conservation. And if you think not doing so would leave it unprotected against string trimmers, you can mow or trim carefully around it, can’t you?

Having nothing around is probably the easiest way you’ll ruin the yard space. Get in touch with JJW Brick to see what’s going to work spruce up your landscape.

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