What Wedding Guests Care About Regarding Caterers in Fort Wayne IN and Other Features of a Reception

As an engaged couple plans their wedding and reception, they may want to make certain decisions about the after-ceremony gathering but worry that their guests won’t be pleased. Even though this is the couple’s own big day, they still want their guests to have a wonderful time. The considerations may involve food and beverages to be brought by caterers in Fort Wayne IN or other aspects of the party.

The couple may need to keep costs low, meaning they cannot have an extravagant reception and dinner. They may have religious views that would make serving alcohol or playing certain kinds of music troublesome for them. They may want to avoid having caterers in Fort Wayne IN serve meat because they both are vegetarians.

Tasty, Plentiful Food

Wedding guests don’t care about the table linens. They don’t mind if there is no sit-down dinner with a menu of choices they can select from with the RSVP. A buffet meal is fine as long as a variety of choices is provided and everyone can feel satiated.


Guests appreciate free soft drinks and bottled water, but they typically don’t expect an open bar. Charging for alcohol is fine, and the couple can limit the beverages to beer and wine to keep things low-key.


Although a big, stupendous wedding cake is traditional, guests won’t mind if this feature is missing. They do generally expect some dessert, so the couple might consider asking the caterers to bring items for a dessert bar instead.


If a dance will be held, the music can be provided by a disc jockey to avoid the cost of a band. Yet even a d.j. may be a bit too pricey for the couple. They may want to create their own array of tunes to be played with a variety of music genres. The guests will be happy with this homemade mix.

The Venue

One aspect the guests are abound to appreciate and remember is the venue that the couple chose. They might select a venue such as Classic Cafe Catering and Event Center, or ask this organization to provide catering service at another favorite banquet hall or reception room. Visit us online for contact information.

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